Care Ministries


Are you facing a storm in your life?

GraceCare is Christ-centered one on one care. GraceCare leaders are available to spend approximately one hour a week with individuals who are struggling with life issues. This is a very confidential process. Email us at for more information, or you can download the brochure.

GraceCare is also looking for individuals to volunteer to help those in the storms of life. For more information on volunteering please email


Professional Counseling

If you are seeking professional counseling, you can download our list of recommended counselors.

Visitation Teams at Trinity

We realize that being in the hospital or at home for an extended period of time can be a very unsettling experience. At Trinity, we want to walk beside you during this time, offering comfort and companionship.

Lonely? Frightened? And in the hospital? Let us help you through this tough time! Our team of experienced spiritual care providers will visit you and ensure that you receive follow-up visits. Ask your family or nurse to notify the Team by calling 630-964-1272.

Homebound for an extended time? Feeling isolated? Let us bring Communion, readings, prayer, and a smile. Contact our Homebound Visitation Team at 630-964-1272.