Hurricane Season 2017 Response



Rev. Steven Misch, Texas District Disaster Response Director, reported that Hope Lutheran Church in Winnie, which is located in the Golden Triangle, has brought on a local DR coordinator for the next 2 months to manage the 60 homes affected there. Beaumont has set up several tent camps to feed evacuees, residents and volunteers. One of these tent camps are being served jambalaya from a group from their neighboring state of Louisiana. He reports that it is beautiful to see the spirit and willingness of all to serve one another in the love of Christ.

He also asks for continued patience from all those trying to register to volunteer. They are receiving hundreds of registrations from volunteers wanting to come during the same time period and they are only able to accommodate a certain number at a time. Please remember that this will be a LONG TERM RECOVERY and your assistance will be needed for many months to come!

  • Please register any of your dates available to volunteer as an individual or with a team with LCC and Julie Tucker at the Texas District. You MUST complete the TEXAS DISTRICT REGISTRATION form for each individual who plans on going. You may select the area you wish to volunteer at. Corpus Christi/Rockport will be mostly chainsaw work. Other areas will be muck and gut. If no area selected, you will be assigned to the greatest need. Be willing to be flexible!
  • Julie Tucker, Disaster Relief Coordinator, will then contact you directly with confirmation and location of assigned site. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION OF DATE AND LOCATION FROM THE TEXAS DISTRICT.    PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Manfred Cholodewitsch from Good Shepherd-Elgin is now working out of Salem Lutheran Church in Tomball for the next couple weeks. He will try to send pictures and updates.

Joel and Kathy Mathews sent an information sheet for those interested in volunteering in Southwest Florida. It is attached to this update.

  • Jan Boerman reported that as a result of the circuit pastor’s meeting yesterday, the current distribution center will close soon in Ft. Myers and relocate to another church closer to affected areas. Those details are still being worked out.
  • The damage is very spread in Southwest Florida. Some areas were not affected at all then just a few blocks or town away is utter devastation. A large community in Bonita Springs is still under water with thousands of residents still in a Red Cross shelter. Pastor Browning from Hope Lutheran Church has informed LCC that one of his Preschool teachers home is in this flooded area and they are temporarily living in a camper. The water has been reported to not fully recede for at least another couple weeks. Most of these homes and possessions will then be a total loss.
  • The team of Steve Chester, Steve Black and Phil Darling will be leaving tomorrow morning. They have made a difference in many people’s lives with the hard work they have been able to do while there. A team from Lord of Life-Lafox will be arriving on Sunday to begin a week of work.
  • Kathy O'Day, Dir. of Disaster Response will be arriving on Monday for a week to meet with the Florida DDRC’s, local pastors and church workers, and affected residents to assess needs that LCC and our LERT teams may be able to assist with.
  • LCC is registering volunteers if you are available in Florida. We will be sending these to Florida to assist them in planning for volunteers and available work sites. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

We have established a church to host teams that want to rest overnight that is a halfway point when traveling to Ft. Myers, Florida. It will be Faith Lutheran Church in Marietta, GA. They are also willing to prepare a meal for the team while you stay. If anyone is traveling and would be in need of these arrangements, please let Kandace know, so she can connect you with the appropriate Lutheran Church Charities resources to provide the introduction.   

Current Special Serving Opportunity

Create a CARE MESSAGE CARD - We are borrowing an idea from the Lutheran Church Charities for this idea. We suggest you, your friends and/or groups provide Care Message Cards. It is easy!

  1. Purchase an inspirational card or cards. Or create your own. 
  2. Pray for the family or person who will receive the card who has been affected by the disaster.
  3. Write a personal message on the card. Write whatever God puts on your heart.  You are welcome to sign it with your personal information or with a generic signature.
  4. Drop the card into the box at the Trinity/Grounds Connecting Point Desk marked: Hurricane Relief Care Message Cards.
  5. Continue to pray for the family or individual who will receive your card.

Trinity will take all the cards and get them into the hands of the churches in the disaster area so they can distribute them to those in need.  Trinity will also add to each hand-written card a gift card, as long as the supply lasts, that are purchased from some of the funds collected for relief efforts.

Financial Contributions

One thing we can do right now is to give to help with the disaster. You can do that through Trinity in two ways.

  1. Online giving portal. There you can designate your gift to "Hurrican Response."
  2. You can bring a check to worship this weekend or drop off a check at the main church office at Trinity Kimberly Way (map). Indicate "Hurricane" on your offering envelope or in the memo on your check if you are not using an envelope.

Every single dime we get will go to help with the relief efforts.


We have a number of churches from our network in the Houston area. Even though some of them have been severely affected by the flooding, all are already working hard to make a difference in Jesus name! Pray that they might share His love in an effective and life-giving way. And pray for all affected by this tragedy and any tragedy that occurs from Hurricane Irma as well.

More Information

For any additional information regarding Trinity’s response strategy or to share your thoughts please contact