KidStreet at Trinity South Naperville

Our Sunday morning KidStreet experience begins as soon as our families enter the building, with a secure check-in process close to the KidStreet area. Our kids begin their time on KidStreet at 10:00 AM and end their experience together with their parents sharing the Lord's Supper in the main gathering area.

KidStreet is age appropriate for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary students. It's a fun time growing in the faith through sharing Bible stories and activities that focus on a main theme. Our kids enjoy a multisensory learning experience that teaches the basics of the faith in ways they can understand and enjoy.

Middle School and High School students are encouraged to join their parents and friends in the main gathering. 

For more information, contact our KidStreet Site Coordinator Michele Albert or call 630.352.3332.