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Removing the Graveclothes

What if Jesus, after raising Lazarus from the dead, had commanded each strip of grave cloth to become a butterfly? If, on His command, they flew away -- freeing Lazarus? Compared to His resurrection miracle, it would seem to be child’s play. People would have remembered it. More glory for Him. Instead, He gives His followers a simple task. “Take off the grave clothe...

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Naming the Graveclothes


Close your eyes and watch Lazarus stumbling his way out of the tomb. He’s miraculously alive yet still dragging the things of death. We do that, too. Christ’s death and resurrection gives us new life that is not defined as a journey to death. It’s life lived now in God’s love, to be fully lived when we pass into eternity. Why do we drag the trappings of the grave a...

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Trapped in the Tomb?

Tombs deeply affect Jesus. They move him to tears. His mission in the world is to end the darkness of the tomb for all of His creation. That is incredibly good news for us, yet we turn the celebration into bunnies and chocolate. On Monday morning, we want to roll over, cover our heads, dread the day. Like Martha, we don’t want the tomb opened being sure of the stench....

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