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Take it Home During This is Us Series

During the "This is Us" series, the "Take It Home" format will be changing slightly. Instead of one post containing a weeks worth of devotions, each day a devotion will be posted. If you subscribe through a reader, you should see posts appearing more often. If you would like to have each post emailed to you Monday-Friday, contact Marge.Franzen@tlc4u.org....

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On The Attack

There’s nothing like looking through arrow slots and walking ramparts to begin to understand the fine art of siege warfare back in the days of walled citadels. Walls are very formidable to attackers, but the weakest place is the opening at the gate. Lots of engineering and design go into strengthening the gate. Many towers look over the gate. Many arrow slots are aimed a...

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The Subtle War: Tactics 101

Here’s Satan’s first appearance in the account of our early days in God’s creation being crafty and asking a question that insinuates that either Eve’s recollection is wrong, or the direction given by God is a liability. That’s the thing to look for in life, the places where you question your own conscience that has been shaped by God’s authority, or you entert...

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The Open War: Tactics 201

The prophet Zechariah is pulling back the curtain so we can see the Spiritual Warfare going on. He shows us Jeshua, a priest who has lead a motley crew from exile in Babylon back to Jerusalem to rebuild God’s Kingdom. It’s a daunting, discouraging task. And there’s Satan accusing, making it clear that Jeshua is not up to it. I like God’s refusal to even entertain t...

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Know It!

I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:9&10 ESV If you’ve heard of the title War of the Worlds, you’ve probably heard of Orson Welles famous radio adaption in 1938. Welles’ broadcasts about ali...

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Worship Under Fire

This week we will see that there are two responses to the kingdom of God: The first response is to worship God, which leads to peace, courage, and life. The second response is to worship something else, which only leads to insecurity, oppression, and self-destruction. The ramifications of our choice are profound....

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Whose You Are

What happens when you’ve been stripped of all you’ve known? When the place you call home is taken from you and you are a stranger in a strange land?...

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The Amazon App

Our culture is one of self-reliance, impatience, and instant gratification. Materialism whispers in our ear to promote, primp, indulge our outer self. What happens when your inner self and your outer existence collide leaving you spinning, no longer feeling you can rely on your own timing because, in hindsight, when you did, things went awry? ...

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Apps4Life: Camera

Many of us are taking all kinds of pictures using the camera apps on our phones. We record special events, use pictures to accompany text, send our pictures to friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, etc. AND… many people are addicted to taking pictures of themselves - better known as selfies. Like so many attitudes and actions of the 21st century, the selfie epi...

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Bod4God: Your Team

From the beginning of the world God placed people into community. We are not intended to live independently. Bound together under the wisdom of God, we are far more able to live and prosper. Even when we read about individuals like David or Paul, they are set in the middle of a community. God tells us His story through the people (plural) of God....

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