Apps 4 Life

Apps 4 Life


We live in a world dominated by the mobile app. “There’s an App for that” has become a catch phrase for finding the quick and easy approach to life. Our lives are tracked, marketed, and in many ways lived through these small programs on our mobile devices.  

This is not a series about technology. It IS a series about how our technology is a reflection of who we are. The apps we use every day say something about the lives we live. Our technology does not shape us as much as we shape our technology to fit what we have become. Selfies, shopping, busy calendars… they all are reflections of lives lived our way instead of God’s way.

Join us starting July 8/9 for our new series “Apps 4 Life.”  We are going to take a closer look at four popular apps that in some ways can give us insight into our soul. How we use these apps says a lot about our view of God.  Are we seeking Him first?  How are we marking the time God has given us? Are we driven to own stuff or serving as stewards of His Kingdom? Come each week and pull out your Bible App.


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